Watching Jupiter Ascending

Sabtu, Februari 07, 2015
Last Night, i am watching Jupiter Ascending with my friends, Arini, Atika and Nyoman at Semanggi Plaza. and within this post, i want to share what i see and feel about the movie.

Jupiter Ascending Movie Poster
Jupiter Ascending Poster - Wikipedia
Warning. Spoiler Alert !
see the background? yeah, Planet Jupiter

Planet Jupiter
Jupiter - pict by Marc Carson
The Father want 'Jupiter' as the name of the baby , like Jupiter, the most beautiful Planet in our solar system. After her Father died, The Mother was going to meet her family in the another country, Jupiter birth when her mother was on the middle of ocean, in the Leo star, that tell Jupiter have great destiny with her.

Jupiter, the name of main actor in the movie is a daily maid that cleaning house to house, she feel her daily life is boring and hate her life, and who knows, that she is Reincarnation of Queen of the Thrones (because genetics that grants her the legacy more powerful than imaginable)

and another main actor is Caine Wise, who have Lycan gen, the agent that work for Titus, one of heirs of Abrasax Family, and have mission to find Jupiter, Caine is Ex-military hunter, he is SkyJacker, you can tell that if you see gravity boots with him, yeah you can walk/surfer in air with that boots (cool isn't it?) , oh Caine have wings that have taken from him, because attacking one of kingdom family in the past

Abrasax Family have three heirs,
Belem the first son, Kalique second, and the last is Titus.

in this movie said that human have material rich nutrition within DNA/Genetics, the Abraxis family is one of the family that planting the seed of life, and harvesting it after the Planet overpopulated to make a liquid water, you can call it ReGex, ReCell, Nectar, which keeps those always youth and make the user living for a long time (for Millenia), yes the Abraxis family is the Corporate that produce the liquid water.

i remember manga/movie named Gantz, Sci-fi, Alien, war between Human and Alien race, if you read the manga to the end, Alien see Human as a stockpile of food, and The Alien want to invade earth.

Afterall, this movie is great, i give 7.5 stars out of 10, the battle cinematic so far so good, the complexity of story, the romance between Jupiter and Caine, Cool fighting and shooting scene, and especially the creature in the movie, The Dragon reptile with Leather jacket like a biker gangster!

yes, Jupiter Ascending is the one of sci-fi movie that you must watch ! :)

After watching Jupiter Ascending, Atika treat us free dinner ~ Thank you so much Atika

sweet friendship

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